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across company codes


This indicator allows a

cost estimate with quantity structure to be created that contains information from more than one company code. If the special procurement type stipulates a stock transfer, you can include additive costs such as transportation charges.


If you want to recost the materials or transfer an existing cost estimate using the transfer control, set this indicator.

If you want the system to transfer the current valuation price from the material master record, do not set this indicator.


In the costing run, you can define for standard cost estimates whether the costing results can be released and written to the material master record in only one company code or in all company codes of the controlling area.

If you have defined in the relevant company codes that different valuation variants for marking the cost estimate are allowed, you can only release the costing results in the company code of the costing run.

If you have defined in the relevant company codes that different cost component structures are used, then only the total value of the cost estimate (and not the individual cost components) is transferred to the other company code. In the costing type you determine what cost component view is transferred.