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Define Reference Variants

In this step you define reference variants.

Reference variants allow you to create material cost estimates or costing runs based on the same quantity structure for the purpose of improving performance or making reliable comparisons.


The following are examples of situations where reference variants are useful:

Control of Reference Variant

In the reference variant, you specify how the system searches for existing data and how the data is to be transferred. You enter a transfer control ID and specify that the following items should be revaluated:

You can also specify the following:

The reference variant is determined through the costing variant when a cost estimate is created.


The cost estimate that you want to reference must have an itemization . In the costing variant, you can specify whether itemizations are saved or not.


1. Choose New entries.
2. Enter a transfer control (if applicable), set the appropriate indicators, and enter a designation.
3. Save the table.
4. Assign the reference variant to the relevant costing variant:
Define Costing Variants for Cost Estimates with Quantity Structure
Define Costing Variants for Cost Estimates Without Quantity Structure