Sample Management (QM-IM-SM) 


The Quality Management (QM) application component includes comprehensive functions for processing and managing physical samples during goods receipt and production. The Sample Management component supplements the existing QM functions for processing samples by allowing you to:

The Sample Management component supports many of the requirements in the process industry for documenting and tracking the physical samples drawn in quality inspections. It provides the QM component with many of the functions that are typically found in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

Implementation Considerations

Sample management capabilities are particularly important in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, where products are often subjected to complex chemical, organic and physical quality inspections. You should consider implementing the Sample Management component if your company needs to:


The functions of the Sample Management component (QM-IM-SM) are integrated with the QM functions for planning inspections, processing inspection lots, and recording inspection results. If you want to process and manage physical samples using the Sample Management component, you must also implement the following QM components:


The Sample Management component gives you increased flexibility and control in the following areas:

Inspection planning

Inspection processing