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Define User-Defined Message Types

In this step you can change the message type that the system proposes for certain messages. This enables you to control how such messages are handled by the system.

For some messages there are no restrictions on how you can define the message type. Other messages require a minimum message type.


There is no minimum message type for message CK 037 ("Lot size taken from costing view").

Message CK 065 ("Activity type in CO area cannot be charged") requires the minimum message type I (Information).

Standard Settings

The standard system contains user-defined message types in various work areas.

To change the default message types:

1. Enter the work area in which the message is issued (such as CK for material cost estimates).
2. Enter the application area (such as CK) and the message number (such as 037).
3. Choose a message type with the possible entries function.