Displaying Hierarchy Structure as a List 


You can display work centers with their hierarchy levels in both hierarchy maintenance and work center maintenance.

You have the following display options:

The complete hierarchy structure from the root down to the lowest level is displayed.

You can enter any work center, from which the hierarchy should be exploded.

The hierarchy is displayed from the root down to a particular level.

The explode from work center and explosion level settings only affect the display. They do not affect capacity cumulation.


Complete Display


All the work centers in the hierarchy are displayed together with their hierarchy levels.

Display from Work Center

  1. Display the complete structure as above.
  2. Choose Settings ® Start from
  3. The Explode from Work Center dialog box appears.

  4. Enter the plant and the name of the work center.
  5. Choose Enter.

Display from hierarchy root to explosion level

  1. Display the complete structure as above.
  2. Choose Settings ® Levels.
    1. The Set levels dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the number of levels.
  4. Choose Enter.


You can also display hierarchy lists by choosing Reporting in the Work center area menu using the standard evaluations or you can search for work centers in a hierarchy using characteristics.