IDES - The SAP Model Company
      The IDES Release Strategy
      IDES and Training
      The Structure of the IDES Group
      IDES Logistics
      IDES Documentation
      Additional Software Components
      IDES User IDs
   Periodic Processing in IDES
      Data Used for this Example
      Copying Number Ranges
      Executing the Depreciation Run
      Posting Depreciation
      Executing the Fiscal Year Change
      Executing Year-End Closing
      Reconciliation Analysis in Financial Accounting
      Balance Carried Forward to the General Ledger
      Balance Carried Forward to Accounts Receivable
      Balance Carried Forward to Accounts Payable
      Maintaining Versions
      Planning Activity Types
      Executing Period Closing
   Cross-Application Components (CA)
   Financials (AC)
      Financial Accounting (FI)
      Treasury (TR)
      Controlling (CO)
         Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM)
         Activity-Based Costing (CO-ABC)
         Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC)
         Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
      Investment Management (IM)
      Project System (PS)
      Enterprise Controlling (EC)
      Real Estate Management (RE)
   Human Resources (HR)
   Logistics (LO)
      Logistics General (LO)
      Sales and Distribution (SD)
      Materials Management (MM)
      Logistics Execution (LE)
      Quality Management (QM)
      Plant Maintenance (PM)
      Customer Service (CS)
      Production Planning and Control (PP)
      Project System (PS)
   SAP Industry Solutions
      SAP Aerospace & Defense
      SAP Banking
      SAP Chemical
      SAP Consumer Products
      SAP Engineering & Construction
      SAP Pharmaceuticals
      SAP Retail
      SAP Service Provider
   Business Information Warehouse