This function enables you to define conditions that control whether a certain format tree node is processed during file generation.

Conditions can be defined for any node type. If one condition applies to several consecutive elements, you should define a composite. If you assign a condition to a segment or a composite, it applies to the corresponding subtree. In this way, for example, you can control that a complete record (a segment, including all its elements defined as subnodes) is not output to the file.


You define a conditional relationship for a node in the detailed view under Conditions. Here you specify one of the following types of condition arguments and the corresponding arguments:

When a file is generated from one of the predefined applications, the system processes the format tree and checks each node for conditions. If a condition is met, the system processes the node; if it is not, the node is ignored.

If a condition for an upper-level node is not met, all subnodes are also ignored during processing.