Unplanned Delivery Costs 


Unplanned delivery costs were not agreed on in the purchase order and are not entered until the invoice is received.

You can enter them in the invoice document alongside the costs incurred. There are two ways to post them.


In Customizing for Logistics Invoice Verification, you can specify if:

(Incoming Invoice ® Posting Unplanned Delivery Costs)

In Customizing for Logistics Invoice Verification, you can configure which tax codes the system should suggest for the G/L account: Incoming Invoice ® Maintain Default Values for Tax Codes.


Distributing Unplanned Delivery Costs Among Items in the Invoice

The system distributes the unplanned delivery costs automatically in the ratio of the value invoiced so far to the values in the current invoice.

Example: Distributing Unplanned Delivery Costs

When the invoice is posted, the system automatically adds the share of delivery costs to the item amounts.

If you want to allocate the delivery costs differently, you enter them as a price variance or as a subsequent debit. This could lead to the system blocking the invoice for payment.

Posting Unplanned Delivery Costs to a Separate G/L Account

The system posts unplanned delivery costs to a separate G/L account. Therefore, the unplanned delivery costs do not debit stock accounts or account assignment objects.

Miscellaneous Provisions

Alongside the planned delivery costs, the buyer can make miscellaneous provisions, for example, for freight costs. These provisions are automatically posted to a G/L account at goods receipt in the same way as planned delivery costs. However, you cannot reference the miscellaneous provisions when you enter the invoice. You must post invoices for these costs as unplanned delivery costs. You have to make the following settings in Customizing for Purchasing: Conditions ® Define Price Determination Process ® Define Condition Types ® Save condition type MAR1 with condition category B on the Details screen.

PO History

You cannot differentiate between unplanned distributed delivery costs and price variances in the purchase order history.

The system does not display unplanned delivery costs that were posted to a separate G/L account in the purchase order history.

The system does not check the maximum amount of the prices for unplanned delivery costs.


You have received an invoice for unplanned delivery costs:

  1. Choose Logistics Invoice Verification ® Document Entry ® Enter Invoice.
  2. Enter the required header data, choose the tab page Details, and enter the amount of the unplanned delivery costs in the field Unpl. del. csts. If the unplanned delivery costs are to be posted to a separate G/L account, enter the tax code in the next field, if necessary.
  3. Enter the allocation that the unplanned delivery costs refer to and choose Goods/service items in the list field next to the allocation fields.
  4. Choose . The system proposes the invoice items.
  5. Check that the invoice items selected match those in the invoice. Change the selections if necessary.
  6. Choose Simulate. You can check the accounts that the system distributes the unplanned delivery costs to.
  7. Save your entries.

Entering Unplanned Delivery Costs After Matching Up the Invoice

You can also enter unplanned delivery costs after matching up the invoice. To do this, choose the tab page Details in the header area and enter the unplanned delivery costs. Choose . The system refreshes the document balance.

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