Importing Support Packages Using SPAM 


Use Transaction SPAM to import Support Packages into your system, whether they come from SAPNet - R/3 Frontend, SAPNet - Web Frontend or from Collection CDs.



Choose Tools ® ABAP Workbench ® Utilities ® Maintenance ® Patches, or enter the transaction code SPAM.

The initial screen gives an overview of the status of the last queue that was imported. If the Support Package import is incomplete, the last (terminated) step processed by SPAM is displayed.


Check if the SPAM update offered in SAPNet - R/3 Frontend or SAPNet - Web Frontend is newer than the one in your system. (The version of the SPAM update in your system appears in the title bar of the SPAM screen.) To avoid problems when importing Support Packages, we recommend always first importing the newest SPAM update. You import a SPAM update in the same way that you import Support Packages.

To check this, under Directory choose Aborted Support Packages and then choose Display. No Support Packages should appear. Under the section Package, the status should display a green traffic light. If this is not the case, look at the detailed status and log information of all Support Packages found in the system. To do this, choose Goto ® Status and/or Goto ® Log.


  1. Load the Support Package.
  2. Define a queue.
  3. Import the queue.
  4. If necessary: Adjust modifications.
  5. Check logs.
  6. Confirm the queue.