Checking the Notification Status 



  1. In the substance management hit list, select all substances for which you want to check the notification status.
  2. See also: Searching for Substances

  3. Choose Utilities ® Secondary data ® Check and select the standard user exit Check notification status.
  4. Enter the substance list to be used for the determination, and specify the usage.
  5. The individual components for the selected substance must have a data record in the substance characteristic category Notification status that corresponds to this usage. The R/3 System always uses the first corresponding data record.

    The usage is to be selected so that the R/3 System finds exactly one composition and notification status per substance.

  6. Choose Execute.

The background job Check notification status is started.

All substances for which a deviating value in the list or component notification is found are sent to you as an SAP office message. You must make corrections manually, and ensure that this procedure is part of your own data maintenance routine.