Notification Status 


Substance characteristic category of the type Substance property and Substance listing. The notification status specifies


The notification status is normally specified by individual legislatures for pure substances and must be derived for products made of pure substances. The user exit Notification status was developed for this.

See also: Determination of Notification Status

If existing data is changed, you must check the notification status. The user exit Check notification status was developed for this.

See also: Checking the Notification Status

All values for the notification status given here are sample values only. The phrase set and the phrases containing these values are not delivered in the standard system.


In the standard properties tree, the substance characteristic category Notification status is located under the node Regulations without transport. The substance characteristic category Notification status contains the following characteristics:

Contains the substance lists used to determine notification status (ELINCS (list of new substances), TSCA (TSCA list), for example).

Additional data used to determine the most recent notification status (version number or year of publication of a particular list, for example).

The notification status for the composition if all notification values of each node of the fully expanded component tree are to be taken into account. The R/3 System does not distinguish between substance categories. This means that a leaf can also be a substance of the substance category Real substance. The value cannot be changed manually.

See also: Determination of Notification Status for Compositions

The description List notification is derived from the fact that the leaves of a component tree are normally substances of substance category Listed substance.

The notification status derived from the notification statuses of individual constituents that can themselves be compositions.

The R/3 System determines the component notification for the complete composition using the individual values for the constituents.

If you have set the notification status of a constituent manually, there could be discrepancies between the component and list notification. The component notification is set automatically and cannot be changed manually. It is for information purposes only.

Contains the notification status. You enter this value manually or adopt it after the R/3 System has determined the notification status.

In the phrase set allocated, the sort sequence determines the priority of the individual values.

See also: Notification Status Values

The additional data for notification status includes the sample value q (quantity limit), t (temporary special case), and e (special case general).

Date on which a substance was registered with the relevant authority.