BAPI Programming Guide Reference (CA-BFA)
   Changes in Release 4.6C
   Further Documentation
   Tools for Developing BAPIs
      BAPI Explorer
         Working with Display Functions
         Working with Tools and Projects
      Defining Methods in the BOR Using the BOR/BAPI Wizard
      Converting Between Int. and Ext. Data Formats and Structures
         Application Example
   Details on the Analysis Phase
      Design Criteria for Business Object Types
   Details on the Conceptual Design Phase
      Example of BAPI Conceptual Design
   Details on the Implementation Phase
      Transaction Model for Developing BAPIs
         Example: BAPI Transaction Model (Without Commit)
         Example: Old BAPI Transaction Model (with Commit)
      Providing Input Help (F4 Help)
      Problems with APPENDs and INCLUDEs in BAPI Data Structures
      Example: Choice of BAPI Data Structures
      Internal and External Data Formats
      Naming the Function Module and the Function Module Group
      Determining the Object Type and Its Key Fields
      Example: BOR and Function Module Parameters
      Example: BAPI Interface and Function Module
      Releasing the BAPI
   Programming Standardized BAPIs
      Programming GetList() BAPIs
         Example of a GetList() BAPI
      Programming GetDetail() BAPIs
         Example of a GetDetail() BAPI
      Programming GetStatus() BAPIs
         Example of a GetStatus() BAPI
      Programming ExistenceCheck() BAPIs
         Example of an ExistenceCheck() BAPI
      Programming Create() BAPIs
         Example of a Create() BAPI
      Programming Change() BAPIs
         Example of a Change () BAPI
      Programming Delete()/Undelete() BAPIs
         Example of a Delete() BAPI
      Programming Cancel() BAPIs
         Example of a Cancel() BAPI
      Programming Replicate()/SaveReplica() BAPIs
         Example of a SaveReplica() BAPI
      Programming Methods for Sub-Objects
   Programming Standardized Parameters
      Address Parameters
      Change Parameters
      Extension Parameters
      Return Parameters (Error Handling)
      Selection Parameters
      TestRun Parameters
      Text Transfer Parameters
   BAPIs Used for Outbound Processing
   Customer Enhancements
      Creating Subtypes
      Defining Delegation Relationships
   Business Object Type
      Structure of a Business Object Type
      Business Object Types and their Key Fields
   Documentation of Business Object Types
      Documentation Structure and Content
      Documentation Process
         Writing Documentation in the BOR
         Writing Glossary Entries
   Documentation of BAPIs
      Writing BAPI Documentation
         Writing Function Module Documentation
         Writing Parameter Documentation
         Checking or Writing Data Element Documentation
         Checking or Writing Business Object Documentation
         Providing Information on New BAPIs in Release Notes
      Documentation Structure and Writing Conventions
         Structure of Function Module Documentation
         Structure of Parameter Documentation
      Examples of BAPI Documentation
         BAPI Function Module Documentation
         Parameter Documentation
         Data Element Documentation
         Business Object Documentation