Creating Substitution Reasons 


The substitution reason directs how the system performs product selection. With this reason, you can specify, for example:


To create a substitution reason, perform the Customizing activity Basic Functions ® Material Determination ® Define substitution reasons (transaction OVRQ):

  1. Choose New entries.
  2. Enter substitution reason key and a description.

  3. Select the Entry indicator if you want the original material (not substitutes) to be printed in documents.
  4. Leave the Warning and Strategy indicators blank.
  5. Do not mark these indicators, or you will not be able to perform automatic product selection based on ATP.

  6. Assign either outcome A or B depending on your preferences for the following:

Substitution Outcome Reason Codes





Create as sub-items



New product selection in delivery



You must choose either A or B. Do not leave this field blank.


One of the most important decisions that you have to make about the product selection process is whether or not substitutions determined in the order are to be redetermined in the delivery.


When you assign outcome A to a substitution reason, note the following special processing features and constraints:



When you assign outcome B to a substitution reason, note the following special processing features and constraints:


In this example, product selection is performed in the order.

If you select outcome A, the system carries out a new product selection in the delivery. At the time the delivery is created, there is more inventory available for the first alternative material, cold tablets with coupon. In this case, the system ignores the second alternative and confirms the entire requested quantity of the first alternative.

If you select outcome B, the product selection from the order is copied directly to the delivery. There is no new availability check.

Substitution Outcome Scenario