Testing Active Format Trees 


The DME Engine includes a testing function, which enables you to test active versions of format trees before they are used to generate a file.

This function is intended for small-scale tests only. You can employ it, for example, to test the effects of new conversion rules or to determine if the offset is correct within a line or record. It is not intended to check an entire format tree but rather a few lines as it is very difficult to manually generate all application data correctly.


  1. On the initial screen of the DME Engine, choose Format tree ® Test active version or .
  2. The DMEE Test Data screen appears. The system displays the source structures for the particular application, each followed by the most commonly selected source fields for that structure. If you need to test fields not included here, you can add fields via the standard layout function.

  3. Next you enter the data you wish to test.
  4. Only enter data in those fields that are specified in the format tree as actual source fields.

  5. To start the test, choose File ® Test or .
  6. On the Data output dialog box that appears, the system displays in list form the results for the data you entered as they would appear in an actual DME file.

If you do not enter data in the fields for which mapping rules are defined in the format tree, these fields remain empty when the test version is output. Fields defined as constants are output accordingly.

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