Format Tree Maintenance 


A DMEE format tree can be maintained with the transaction DMEE. You specify the tree type and the name of your format tree. A DMEE file specification can then be defined or modified in the form of a hierarchical tree structure.


When you create a format tree, the system automatically assigns it the version 001 (maintenance version). When you have finished maintaining the tree and wish to use it to generate DME files, you activate the tree. In the activation process, the system performs certain checks; if these are successful, an active version of the tree is stored under the version 000.

After you activate a format tree, two versions exist in the system: the active version (000) and the maintenance version (001). You always maintain version 001. When making changes to the maintenance version, you can always return to the last active version. You would want to do this, for example, if you make changes to the maintenance version, save it, and decide later that you do not want to keep these changes. To return to the last active version, on the DMEE initial screen choose Edit ® Maintain active version.

When you return to the last active version, it overwrites the maintenance version.

Only two versions exist in the system at any given time. Once you modify a maintenance version and activate it, this is the only active version that exists at this point it is not possible to return to an earlier active version.

Both the active and maintenance versions can be transported to other systems.