Role Resolution 


Role resolution enables you to restrict the number of possible agents for a work item. Role resolution determines which responsible agents have a property described by a role. This improves the ability of SAP Business Workflow to get the right task to the right person at the right time.


The tools used to define roles are part of the Organizational Management component. At runtime, the SAP Business Workflow component uses the roles defined here in conjunction with the organizational plan for role resolution to determine agents for work items. (Decision as to which tasks must be assigned to which agents)


To facilitate role resolution, roles must be defined.


The system performs role resolution. It is first performed at runtime depending on and using information from the process currently running.

The example refers to the role "orders administrator for customer <customer> as of order amount <order amount>".

If customer "Miller Ltd." and order amount "$34,569.34" are determined for a specific order, the agents are determined at workflow runtime who are the "orders administrator for customer Miller Ltd. as of order amount $34,569.34".

The principle of role resolution is always the same:

The type of role determines how role resolution is performed exactly. You can determine the type of role when defining a role.