Engineering Changes 


Engineering changes (ECNs) to individual materials in a production series are common in the component supplier industry. The customer requests a change by sending in the same material number as before with a supplementary, engineering change number. This engineering change status is linked to the serial number in the R/3 System, allowing you to take the change into account for future deliveries.


To process a material with engineering changes, select a scheduling agreement item and choose Goto ® Item ® Eng.change statuses.

If no engineering change status exists for the item, the system displays a dialog box. Here, you can choose whether you want to process change statuses on the basis of the delivery date or the cumulative delivered quantity. You can only choose one type of processing per item:

In addition to these basic settings, you enter the customer's engineering change statis and assign it to the relevant serial number in your system. With the active indicator, you can specify whether the change status is relevant for requirements planning and delivery, or whether it is only for information purposes. Whether active or inactive, the engineering change with its related serial number is copied into the delivery.

Make sure that you transfer only individual requirements for materials with engineering changes. This is because change statuses can be different for each item. If you transfer total requirements in this case, serial numbers will not be forwarded to production.


The engineering change function is not only available in scheduling agreements. It is also possible to include engineering changes in sales orders, where you can assign an engineering change status to a serial number at item level (choose Goto ® Item ® Sales A).

This function in sales orders allows you to:

There are two constraints, however: you cannot work with engineering changes based on cumulative quantity levels, and, just as in scheduling agreements, you cannot manage stock according to engineering changes.