Capacity Planning (PP-CRP) 


The economic use of resources is an objective for many areas of a company. The component "Capacity Planning" is available in the R/3 System for this purpose.

Capacity planning supports planning in all its phases:


Capacity planning is integrated in the following applications:

Capacity planning can be flexibly adjusted to planning demands and to the area of responsibility within the company.


Capacity planning comprises the following partial components:

In the capacity evaluation, available capacity and capacity requirements are determined and compared with each other in lists or graphics.

The objectives of capacity leveling are:

In most applications, you can use two types of planning table (graphical and tabular versions) to display the capacity situation and to carry out capacity leveling.

In some applications such as Repetitive Manufacturing (PP-REM) or Sales and Operations Planning (PP-SOP), there are application-specific planning tables for capacity leveling.