Archiving Cleared Items 

The customer carries out this step.

Archive as many cleared items as you can. Documents that have already been archived are not converted, so you can considerably reduce the time required for the conversion run by doing so.

The number of cleared items managed in a system is usually much greater than the number of open items. If, for example, a system contains a hundred times more cleared items than open items, it will take a hundred times longer to convert the cleared items than to convert the open items.

For more information about archiving documents, see the SAP Library under Cross-Application Components à Archiving Application Data (CA-ARC) à Financial Accounting (FI) à Archiving Financial Accounting Data (FI) à Archiving FI Documents .


  1. From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Accounting à Financial accounting à General ledger (or Accounts receivable or Accounts payable) à Periodic processing à Archiving à Documents.
  2. Archive the required cleared documents.