Adding a PC Document (to the Storage System) 


You use this to store a PC document with SAP ArchiveLink and link it to your application document (your object).


As well as the general prerequisites (see BC Generic Object Service), the following Archive Link specific prerequisites also apply:


  1. In your object display, open the submenu with the symbol in the Toolbox.
  2. Choose Store business document.
  3. Choose your document type from the selection window by double-clicking on it.
  4. The document type is assigned a specific document class (see the graphic below), for example TIF for PC screens or DOC for Word documents.

  5. Select your PC document in the window File name. Also use the F4 Help. Make sure that you select a document type that you defined in the previous step.

Your document is stored. To that end, a copy with a technical name is created which is placed in the storage system that you defined in Customizing.


Your PC document is stored. This can be reached using the Attachment List for your object.


Connection of SAP Archive Link objects, maintenance transactions and object services