Message Logs 


A log collects the system messages created by the execution of a function. You can adapt the list of messages to your requirements, and sort them according to various criteria.

A log is generated when the following functions are executed:


When you display a material cost estimate, you can only view the log after you have saved it. The same applies to preliminary cost estimates for product cost collectors, for sales orders, and for order BOMs.

You can only save a log for a material cost estimate or preliminary cost estimate if the costing variant allows the log to be saved. The following table provides an overview of the effects of an entry in the costing variant in the Error management field.

Error Management


0 (Online messages)

Messages are displayed individually in the status bar. The Log function is not active.

1 (Collect and save messages in the log/Mail active)

Messages are logged and can be sent to the person responsible for removing the error(s). The log can be saved.

2 (Collect and save messages)

Messages are logged. The log can be saved. The messages cannot be sent.

3 (Collect messages only)

Messages are logged. The log cannot be saved. The messages cannot be sent.

For more information, see Saving Material Cost Estimates.

In respect of preliminary cost estimates for manufacturing orders, the log is never saved. By contrast, the log is always saved in WIP calculation, variance calculation and results analysis.

You can assign individual messages to the appropriate areas of responsibility, in order to sort the messages by department and, if necessary, to inform the person responsible for correcting the error. In Cost Object Controlling, you can only assign messages to areas of responsibility for sorting purposes.

To assign individual messages to areas of responsibility (see also: Assignment of Messages to Areas of Responsibility), you make the settings in Customizing for Product Cost Planning and Cost Object Controlling.

You can specify which messages appear in the log, and which error severity they should have (see also: User-Defined Message Types) in Customizing for Product cost Planning and Cost Object Controlling. See also: User-Defined Error Mänagement in Cost Object Controlling).

In Customizing for Product Cost Planning, you can also assign messages and/or areas of responsibility for the log to the message control parameters (see also: Message Control).


The log contains the following information:

The short text for the message contains the possible cause of the error. To display detailed information on how to remove the error, double-click on the message concerned (either the message number or the text) to go to the long text.

The costing items are the individual materials, activities and overhead items whose costs were calculated.

You can adapt the log to your requirements. For more information, see Editing and Printing the Log.