Costing Run 


You can use the costing run to process mass data. It enables you to cost, mark, and release more than one material at the same time.

Every processing step involved in costing with quantity structure is performed by the costing run, from the same screen.

The following graphic gives you an overview of the costing run:

Process Flow

You access the costing run functions by choosing Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Product Cost Planning ® Material Costing ® Edit Costing Run. The Edit Costing Run screen appears. This is divided into the following areas:

  General Data

In this screen area, you enter the general data for the costing run, such as the costing variant, company code, and transfer control ID.

Before you can proceed further (with material selection, for example), you have to create and save the costing run with the general data. To create a costing run, choose . To create a costing run with reference, choose With reference. For more information, see Creating the Costing Run.

  Process Flow

In this screen area, you carry out the following steps:

These functions are only available if you have created the general data for the run and have saved the run with .

To carry out a processing step, choose (Change parameters). Once you have selected the parameters, you can proceed with the processing step by choosing (Execute).

The system generates a log for each step of the costing run, which you can save and print. To display the log, choose (Log) in the relevant step. To print the log, choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Planning ® Tools ® Costing Run ® Print Logs. For more information, see Logs in Material Costing and Printing Costing Reports in the Background.

The system sets a costing status for each step in the costing run. The status is displayed in graphic form, as follows:

  • (Free of errors)
  • (No errors, warning messages have been issued)
  • (With errors; error messages have been issued)

You can execute each step of the costing run both online and in the background. For background processing, set the Background processing indicator when you define the parameters ().

You can cost, mark, and release, and update other prices, using parallel processing. To do this, set the Parallel processing indicator when you define the parameters (), and enter the server group in the General Data.

  Costing Results

In this screen area, you can analyze the costing results using the following:

  • The report created in the screen area Processing

You can carry out more than one costing run using the same quantity structure and thus access existing cost estimates. For further information, see Reference Costing.

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