Quantity Structure Control Through the Material Master Record 


You can enter data in the costing view of the material master record that determines how the system selects a BOM and a routing.

The entries in the material master record take priority over the entries in the quantity structure control. ( See also: Quantity Structure Control Through Customizing)


The quantity structure of the material to be costed can be determined using entries in the material master. The system uses the following sequence when searching for the data to be used in the cost estimate quantity structure:

  1. Entry of a special procurement key (see also: Special Procurement in Costing)
  2. Entry of a production version with entries for the BOM and routing
  3. Entry of a specific BOM and/or routing

If you always want to explode the BOM of a material with the same procedure, you can enter this data directly in the material master record using the following fields in the costing view:

BOM Usage

Specifies whether the bill of material is, for example, an engineering BOM, a production BOM or a costing BOM. You define the BOM usage in Customizing. (See also: Bills of Material in Costing)

Alternative BOM

Identifies a bill of material within a multiple BOM or a variant BOM. (See also: Bills of Material in Costing)

Task List Type

Specifies whether, for example, routings, reference operation sets or recipes are included. You define task list types in Customizing. (See also: Routings in Costing)

Task List Group

The group can be used, for example, to group routings for different lot size ranges or production processes. If you use different task list usages (such as production or repair), it is useful to create a new group for each task list usage.

When you create a routing, the system specifies a group. You can also enter a group yourself. Customizing specifies which numbers you can use for this. (See also: Routings in Costing)

Group Counter

Identifies routings within a task list group The group counter is proposed by the system when the routing is created. You can, however, overwrite the default with your own entry. (See also: Routings in Costing)

If you carry out costing in the background, you should enter this data manually in the relevant material master records.

If you do not carry out costing in the background, you can select an alternative BOM through either the quantity structure control in Customizing for Product Cost Planning, or through the lot size and time periods.

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