BAPI User Guide CA-BFA)
   BAPI User Guide
   Further Documentation
      Business Framework
      SAP Business Objects
      Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI)
         Advantages of BAPIs
         Characteristics of BAPIs
      BAPIs of SAP Interface Types
      Business Object Repository
   Programming with BAPIs
      Determining Details of BAPIs
         BAPI Explorer
            Working with Display Functions
            Working with Tools and Projects
            Finding Information in the BAPI Explorer
         Finding Information in the BAPI Browser
            Determining Details of BAPIs of Interface Types
      Object-Oriented Access to BAPIs
      Function-Oriented Access to BAPIs
      Programming Dialog Applications
      Programming Distributed Applications
      Standardized BAPIs
      Standardized Parameters
      Service BAPIs for Help Functions
      Transaction Model for Developing BAPIs
         Example: Old BAPI Transaction Model (with Commit)
         Example: BAPI Transaction Model (Without Commit)
      SAP Enhancements to Released BAPIs
         Compatible Enhancements
         Incompatible Enhancements
      Examples of BAPI Calls
         Calling BAPIs from Java
         Calling BAPIs from Visual Basic
         Calling BAPIs from ABAP
   Adapting BAPIs