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Event Queue

Scope of Functions

The new event queue can be used to store events temporarily. The event queue takes over storage, administration and delivery of the events.

The event queue can only be used for events if the relevant event linkages are appropriately classified.

The new indicator Enable event queue in the view Event type linkage can be used to do this.

If the event queue is switched on, certain events are not passed immediately to the event receivers, but are stored temporarily in the queue. The event delivery can be sequential or parallel (using server group). With sequential event delivery you can also set whether the receivers are to be started synchronously or asynchronously.

This means that the system load caused by a great number of events being created can be spread over a longer period of time (which can be set by the workflow system administrator). This combats the threat of system overload.

The event queue can also be used to store events with errors temporarily. The following settings can be made:

The events of linkages with errors can be delivered directly from the administration environment of the event queue or via the queue itself.

You can use the event queue browser to view the content of the event queue.