Changing the Configuration of the MMC 


You can change the configuration of the R/3 Manager snap-in on the MMC to meet your requirements. In particular, you can extend the list of systems and instances displayed so that you can monitor all systems and instances from a single console.


To extend the list of instances displayed in the MMC, do the following:

  1. Open the MMC. Choose Start ® Run from the NT main menu and enter MMC.
  2. The MMC window opens.

  3. Select Console root and choose Console ® Add/Remove Snap-In.
  4. The Add/Remove Snap-In dialog box opens.

  5. Choose Add and then select the SAP R/3 Manager snap-in. Confirm your selection with Add.
  6. The General Settings dialog box opens.

  7. Select the options you require:
  8. Options

    Select Use R/3 instance fix list

    Auto Refreshment

    Enter the periods in which you want system information to be updated automatically


    Select Expert user mode if you want to access more detailed system information later when you start working with the R/3 snap in.

    Select Always show local R/3 instances, if you want the instances installed on your local machine to be displayed.

  9. Choose Next to close the General Settings dialog box.

The Fixed Server List dialog box opens.

  1. Create a list of the instances you want to monitor from the R/3 snap-in:
    1. In the System field, enter or select the name of the R/3 system that the instance belongs to.
    2. In the Instance field, enter or select the name of the host on which the instance is running, and the instance number, for example, p18357 53
    3. Choose Add to include the instance in the Fixed Instances List.
    4. An entry in the instance list looks like this:

      BIN p18357 53

    5. When you have entered all the instances you want to monitor, choose Finish.

You have now changed the configuration of the R/3 snap-in for the MMC. You can save the configuration in a file when you exit the MMC. Whenever you need the newly created configuration, you can start it simply by double-clicking on the saved file.

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