Profitability Analysis (COPA)
   Profitability Accounting Applications
      Accounting Methods
      Features of the Applications COPA and ECPCA
      Operating Concern
         Value Fields
         Setting the Operating Concern
         Assigning the Operating Concern
      Operating Concern Templates
      Database Tables for CO-PA Transaction Data
      Storing Multiple Currencies in CO-PA
   Master Data
      Characteristic Derivation
         Derivation Types
            Examples: Derivation Types
            Special Case: Table Lookup in Table VBKD
         Source and Target Fields
         Influencing the Standard Derivation Procedure
         Changing the Standard Derivation Steps
         Activities Following Upgrades
      Characteristics Hierarchy
         Maintaining Realignments
         Status of Realignment Runs
            Sequence of Requests Within a Realignment Run
            Restoring Previous States Following Realignments
         Effects on Summarization Levels and Data
         Performance, Parallel Processing, and Partitioning
         Valuation Using Material Cost Estimates
            Example: Valuation Using Material Cost Estimates
            Representing Different Requirements
            Setting Up Valuation Using Actual Cost Estimates from Material L
         Valuation Using Conditions
            Example: Valuation Using Conditions
            Condition Types
               Examples: Condition Types
            Meeting Managerial Requirements
         Customer Exits: Valuation
         Analysis Options Using Valuation
         Activate Valuation in Planning
         Periodic Valuation of Actual Data
            Performing Periodic Valuation
            Results of Periodic Valuation
      Planning Framework
         Example: Planning Framework
         Adjustments Following Upgrades
      Setting Up Planning Content
         Multiple Currencies in Planning
         Multiple Valuation Views in Planning
         Working with Prices in Planning
      Planning Methods
         Entering/Displaying Planning Data
            Setting Up Manual Entry of Planning Data
               Planning Layout
               Transaction-Based Top-Down Distribution
                  Example: Transaction-Based Top-Down Distribution
               Price Planning Using Ratios
            Executing Manual Entry of Planning Data
               Planning Methods
                  Period Distribution
                     Example: Valuating a Quantity Plan Using Ratios
                  Change Values
                  Goal Seek Function
               General Functions
                  Format to Print
                  Long Text
                  Row Proposal
                  Clear Row, Undo, Redo
                  Overview Screen
                  Period Screen
                  Next Combination, Previous Combination, Other Combination
                  Line Item Display
                  Number Format
                  Lead Columns
                  All Key Values On/Off
                  Header Display On/Off
            Integrated Excel in Planning
               Setting Up Integrated Excel
               How To Plan Using Integrated Excel
               Planning Offline and Uploading into the SAP System
               Example: Planning with Integrated Excel
            Entering Planning Data via the World Wide Web
            Entering Planning Data in the Workflow (CO-PA)
               Technical Implementation
               Set Up and Customizing
               Example: Planning Approval
         Automatic Planning Methods
            Top-Down Distribution
               Example of Distribution Methods
               Example: Period Aggregation
            Period Distribution
            Customer Enhancement
      Integrated Planning
         Allocation of Planned Overhead
         Settling Planning Data for Orders and Projects
         Transfer to Sales and Operations Planning (SOP)
         Interface Between COPA and LIS
            Data Transfers
         Transferring Planning Data to EC-PCA / FI-GL / FI-SL
      Planning Process: Creating a Valuated Sales Plan
      Planning Process: Planning Sales and Promotion Budgets
         Maintaining Sales and Promotion Budgets
   Flows of Actual Values
      Sign Handling in CO-PA
      Transferring Incoming Sales Orders Online
      Transferring Billing Documents Online
         Posting Billing Documents Subsequently
      Settling Orders/Projects
         Settling Incoming Orders and Open Orders for Projects
      Direct Postings from FI
         Entry Aids for Assignments to Profitability Segments
      Periodic Overhead Allocation
         Transferring Cost Center Costs
         Transferring Process Costs
         Procedure for Overhead Allocation
            Use of Cycles in Profitability Analysis
                  Assessment Segment
                  Segment for Indirect Activity Allocation
         Performing Period-Based Allocation
      Allocating Activities Directly
      Transferring Production Variances
      Manual Line Item Entry
      Top-Down Distribution of Actual Data
         Example: Selection Criteria and Processing Instructions
         Example: Period Aggregation
         Checking/Canceling Top-Down Distribution of Actual Data
      Storing Actual Data in Multiple Currencies
      Multiple Valuation Approaches/Transfer Prices in CO-PA
         Content of Profit Center Valuation
         Data Update with Multiple Valuations
            Example: Parallel Valuation of Stock Transfers and Billing
      Summarization During Transfer to CO-PA
   Information System
      Functions in the Information System
         Analysis Types
            Defining Profitability Reports
            Line Item Lists
               Data Selection for Line Item Lists
               Converting Layouts Following Upgrades
            Reports Based on Line Items
         Key Figure Schemes
            Formula Editor
         Characteristic Groups
         Characteristics Hierarchy
         SAP Example Profitability Reports
         Executing Reports
         Connection to inSight for SAP R/3
            inSight for SAP R/3: Installation and Logging on
            Drilldown Report in inSight
      Performance in the Information System
      Multiple Currencies in the Information System
      Multiple Valuations in the Information System
      Account-Based CO-PA in the Information System
      Authorization Objects for the Information System
      Summarization Levels
         Defining Summarization Levels
         Building Summarization Levels
         Uses for Summarization Levels
      Schedule Manager
      Data Archiving
      Distributed Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
         Transaction-Based Distribution
         Periodic Rollup
      Transferring External Data
         External Data Transfer
            Performing an External Data Transfer
            Evaluating Logs
               Evaluating Logs
                  Post Processing Incorrect Data Records
            Using the Test Data Editor
      IDoc Interface Between External Billing and Accounting with Upda
      Checking the Flow of Billing Documents
      Checking Value Flows from Order/Project Settlement
   Technical Aspects of Profitability Analysis
      Index Support for Determination of Segment Numbers
      How to Check Whether an Index Is Being Used
      Index Support for Drilldown Reports
      Physical Structure of the Data in COPA
      Physical Distribution of Data in CO-PA