Evaluating Project Data by Cost Element 


To evaluate project data by cost element, the project information system provides you with various standard reports. These reports offer you an overview by period of the updating of the data on the project. To carry out a more exact analysis, you can branch from the line item display to the document display.


  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path

    Accounting or Logistics ® Project System ® Information System ® Financials ® Costs ® Plan-Based ® By Cost Element ® Actual/Plan/Variance Absolute/Variance %



    If you are calling up a cost element report for the first time since logging on to the system, the system requests you to enter a database profile. Enter 130000000000, then choose :

  3. Enter the following data on the selection screen:
  4. Field


    Project definition

    E-#### (#### is the number of the sales order)

    Controlling area


    Plan version


    From fiscal year

    Current year

    To fiscal year

    Current year

    From period


    To period


  5. Choose .
  6. The report shows the allocation of the values by cost element. You can analyze, for example, the overhead costs separately from the direct production costs.

  7. To call up the line item reports, double-click a report row.
  8. The Project Line Item Selection screen appears.

  9. Position your cursor on the line item report you want to display, then choose Copy.
  10. The system branches to the line item display.

  11. To display the original document, double-click a document date in the line item display.
  12. Choose to quit the document display or line item display. Confirm the dialog prompt with Yes.
  13. Choose until you reach the overview tree.
  14. Choose Yes in the dialog box.