Checking the Settlement Rule 


When you generate the settlement rule, the system adopts various data from the sales order, for example, the division from the sales order header. In line with the settlement rule, the relevant data is settled to CO-PA.


  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path

    Accounting or Logistics ® Project System ® Project ® Special Maintenance Functions ® Work Breakdown Structure ® Change



  3. Enter the following data:
  4. Field


    Project definition

    E-#### (#### is the number of the sales order)

  5. Choose .
  6. Choose the Control tab to check the results analysis key.
  7. Select your WBS element (first line) and choose Settlement Rule.
  8. A 100% periodic settlement to the profitability segment is defined in the settlement rule.

  9. To check the value fields transferred to the profitability segment, proceed as follows:
    1. Position the cursor on the settlement rule.
    2. Choose .
    3. In the settlement receiver section, choose in the profitability segment.
    4. In the Division field, you see the default value 06 (elevators). If it is not there, enter it.
    5. Choose Continue.
  1. Choose until you reach the Change Cost Planning: WBS Element Overview screen appears.
  1. Choose .
  1. Choose until you reach the overview tree.