Analyzing Datasets 

The SAP System carries out this step .


The system analyzes the datasets of every company code for which you wish to convert withholding tax data in the current run. The system determines both the overall number and the number per withholding tax code of

The system also checks the assignment of the classic withholding tax to the types and codes for extended withholding tax to see whether the characteristics of each combination of type and code for extended withholding tax correspond. If this is not the case, a warning is displayed in the log.


  1. Choose .
  2. The system performs the analysis in the background. To display the current status of the analysis, choose .

    When the analysis is complete, the Withholding Tax Data Conversion: Conversion Run Control screen appears.

  3. Choose Log.
  4. A list is displayed containing the above-mentioned figures.

  5. Check the list for possible discrepancies that could lead to later problems when making postings with extended withholding tax.

You can use the list to determine

Rectify any errors or discrepancies and restart the analysis.