Getting Started
   SAP Easy Access
      SAP Easy Access Settings
      Using the Navigation Area
      Creating Favorites
      Managing Favorites
      System Administrator Functions
   The SAP Window
      Release 4.6: The New SAP GUI
      The Menu Bar
      The Status Bar
      Table Controls
         Creating Table Control Variants
         Activating Table Control Variants
      Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
      Dialog Boxes
      Scrolling to View Information
   Customizing the Display Options
      Configuring the SAP GUI
         SAP GUI Color Settings
         SAP GUI Sound and Animation Settings
      Customizing the SAP Window
         Tabbing Between Fields Automatically
         Cursor Position and Width
         Creating Screen Shots
   Multiple SAP Sessions
      Creating a New Session
      Creating a New Session and a Task at Once
      Moving Among Sessions
      Ending a Session
   Startup and Shutdown of the SAP System
      Starting the SAP System
      Logging On
         Logging On the First Time
            The SAP Logon
               Adding and Editing Entries Manually
               Adding a New Logon User Group
               Adding an Application Server
               Configuring the SAP Logon
         Changing Your Password
      SAP Shortcuts
         Creating an SAP Shortcut
         Using SAP Shortcuts
      Session Manager
      Logging Off
   What Are the Steps in a Typical Task?
      Accessing Tasks in the SAP System
         Choosing Menus and Functions with the Mouse
         Choosing Menus and Functions with the Keyboard
         Task Selection with Transaction Codes
            Finding the Transaction Code for the Task You Want to Start
            Finding the Transaction Code for the Current Task
            Entering a Transaction Code
            Choosing a Transaction Code from the History List
      Entering Data on a Screen
            Insert and Overwrite Modes
            Typing Data into an Input Field
            Changing the Data in an Input Field
            Moving from Field to Field
            Using the Clipboard
            Required Input Fields
         Hold Data and Set Data
            Holding Data on a Screen
      Canceling All the Data on a Screen
      Saving the Data on a Screen
      Going to Related Tasks
      Ending a Task
      Executing a Report
         Finding the Name of a Report You Want to Execute
         Finding the Name of a Current Report
      Selection Criteria
         Entering Values for Selection Criteria
      Report Variants
         Creating Report Variants
         Displaying Available Report Variants
         Using Report Variants
      Report List Output
         Displaying and Printing Report Lists
      SAP List Viewer (ALV) Grid Control (BC-SRV-ALV)
   Printing from the SAP System
      Printing Options in the SAP System
      The Print Screen
      Have My Requests Been Printed?
         Using the Output Controller
      Saving Standard Print Options as Defaults
   Background Processing
      Accessing the Background Processing System
      Scheduling Background Jobs
         Scheduling ABAP Jobs
         Scheduling Standard Jobs
            Identifying Your Job
            Specifying a Recipient
            Choosing a Start Time
            Specifying the Program to Run
      Checking the Status of a Background Job