Displaying the Line Items 


Once the customer project has been billed and settled, you can evaluate the data in Profitability Analysis. The documents are updated under record type C (Settlement of orders and projects).


  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path

    Accounting ® Controlling ® Profitability Analysis ® Information System ® Display Line Item List ® Actual

    Transaction Code


    If you are using profitability analysis for the first time, the system asks you to enter the operating concern.

  3. In the dialog box, enter the following data:
  4. Field


    Operating concern




  5. Choose .
  6. In the dialog box, choose Yes.
  7. Enter the following data:
  8. Field


    Currency type


    Period / year

    Current month/year (##.####)

    Entered by

    Your user name

  9. Choose .
  10. In the dialog box, choose .
  11. You see a list of the actual line items transferred to Profitability Analysis.

  12. Choose one of the line items you created.

The Characteristics tab page contains, among other things, the following information:

The product number is the material number of billing element E-1000. You can also see the relevant assignments, for example, at plant and profit center level.

Characteristics exist for all dimensions that can be used for analysis purposes in Profitability Analysis. These characteristics values are derived from the customer and material master data and from SD partner roles (such as sales representatives) or from CO-PA-specific characteristics.

  1. Choose the Value fields tab page.

You see the detailed information for order and billing quantities, revenues, discounts and detailed product cost components, which are derived from the Sales and Product Costing areas. Note that the list of value fields is more than one screen long.

  1. Choose to scroll through the value field screens.

The billed quantity amounts to 1 piece, with the corresponding revenue of

59,821.05 euros (EUR).

You see, for example, the cost of goods sold. This value was taken from the order settlement, and is identical to the COGS from Profitability Analysis.

  1. Choose until you reach the overview tree.