Generating the Settlement Rule 


To carry out results analysis and settlement, you need to maintain the relevant profiles and settlement rules for all project objects relevant to the settlement.

In this project step, you use automatic settlement generation to generate the relevant profiles and settlement rules on the WBS elements.

The system uses the default values of the network type to automatically assign a settlement rule to the project activities.


In Customizing, you must have defined the strategy for the generation of the settlement rule, and assigned this to project profile 1000.


  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path

    Logistics ® Project System ® Financials ® Period-End Closing ® Single Functions ® Settlement Rule ® Individual Processing



  3. Enter the following data:
  4. Field


    Project definition

    E-#### (#### is the number of the sales order)

    With hierarchy



    Current period

    Fiscal year

    Current year

    Test run


    Detail list


  5. Choose .
  6. You see the basic list of the log.

  7. To call up detailed information on settlement, choose .
  8. The lists shows you, for example, the strategy used and the generated settlement profile.

  9. Choose to leave the log.


As defined in strategy 10, which is stored in the project profile, the system generates a settlement rule, and, if required, a PA transfer structure, for each WBS element.

Strategy 10 specifies that the billing element is to be settled 100% periodically to the profitability segment. All of the lower-level WBS elements are not settled.