Period-End Closing for a Customer Project 


In this IDES process, you carry out a month-end closing. To do this, you first post all period-based data on the project. You then determine the data relevant to Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) for the given period, and settle this data to CO-PA. You can evaluate the data either in the project information system, or in Profitability Analysis.


This IDES process is based on the data from the process Make-to-Order Production of Elevators. You should carry out this process before you start the period-end closing .


You can find the data for this process under .

  1. Actual overhead rates
  2. The system calculates the overhead and updates them in the project.

    See also Determining Overhead Rates and Evaluating Project Data by Cost Element

  3. Settlement generation
  4. Before you carry out results analysis and settlement, you first need to have correctly maintained the settlement rule and the PA transfer structure. The system generates the relevant entries automatically when it generates the settlement rule.

    See Generating the Settlement Rule and Checking the Settlement Rule.

  5. Results analysis
  6. The system determines by period the data relevant to results analysis, such as, work-in-process and inventory costs.

    See Executing Results Analysis

  7. Settlement

You settle the data from results analysis to the profitability segment. This means that the project data is now available to Controlling.

See Executing Settlement and Displaying Line Items.