Optimizing the Order Quantity 


You can use this function to round off order quantities in POs and contract release orders. You might do this in order to exploit the conditions negotiated with your vendors to the full or achieve optimal utilization of existing transportation capacities, for example.

In order quantity optimizing, the PO quantity is rounded up or down according to rules defined in Customizing. Different units of measure can be taken into account during this rounding process.

You can use the following rounding profiles for the purpose of order quantity optimizing:

For more information, refer to the SAP Retail documentation under Order Optimizing.


The following settings are necessary for the individual procedures (in Customizing and in the master data for Purchasing):

Static rounding profile

Quantity addition/subtraction

Dynamic rounding profile

Set the indicator for the variable unit of measure in the info record or in the material master record so that, if necessary, the system can take a different unit of measure into account when rounding.


Further information is available in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Purchasing under Quantity Optimizing and Allowed Logistics Units of Measure.


Order quantity optimizing provides the following rounding options:

Rounding profile


Static rounding profile

Rounding up without adjustment of unit of measure

Quantity addition/subtraction

Percentage additions and subtractions without adjustment of unit of measure

Dynamic rounding profile

Rounding up or down, taking other units of measure into account where necessary (e.g. "carton" instead of "piece" or "each").

If you enter a minimum order quantity in the purchasing info record, the PO quantity will be rounded up to the desired minimum quantity after evaluation of the rounding profile where appropriate.



When working with scheduling agreements, you can only use static rounding profiles.

Before rounding can take place, you must enter the rounding profile in the scheduling agreement and have previously created a source list record flagged as MRP-relevant with automatic schedule line generation for the scheduling agreement.

The rounding of scheduling agreement schedule lines takes place when you carry out a planning run for your independent requirements. To avoid overdelivery, the last schedule line in the scheduling agreement is not taken into account in the rounding.

Note that scheduled quantities are not rounded if you enter schedule lines manually.


The system automatically adjusts the order quantity.


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