System Modifications
   Create New Fields (Using Condition Technique)
      New Fields For Pricing
      New Fields For Free Goods Determination
      New Fields For Output Control
      New Fields For Account Determination
      New Fields For Listing/Exclusion
      New Fields For Material Determination
      New Fields for Batch Determination
   Create New Fields (Without Condition Technique)
      New Fields For Printing Documents
      Copy Customer Master Fields Into The Sales Document
      Copy Material Master Fields Into The Sales Document
      New Fields For Lists Of Sales And Distribution Documents
      Reserve Fields In The Customer Master Record
      New Fields For The Transfer To Accounting
      New Statuses
      New Fields For The Billing Interface
      Define Copying Requirements
      Define FORM Routines For Data Transfers
      Define Requirements
      Define Formulas For Pricing
   User Exits
      User Exits For Price Determination
      User Exits for Partner Determination
      User Exits For Credit Checks And Risk Management
      User Exits in Sales
         User Exits In Sales Document Processing
         User Exits For Contract Processing
         User Exits For Product Allocation Processing
         User Exits For Availability Check
         User Exits For Component Supply Processing
         User Exits For Product Selection
         User Exits for Billing Plan
         User Exits For Resource-Related Billing
      User Exits For Shipping
      User Exits For Transportation
      User Exits For Billing
      User Exits For General Billing Interface
      User Exits For Sales Support
      User Exits For Lists
      User Exits for Payment Cards
   Business Transaction Events
   Business Add-In
      Update planning values for sales orders