Assignment of Authorizations for the Time Sheet 


Many employees, who perform a variety of different tasks, work with the Time Sheet. You can ensure the protection of personal data by using the authorization concept for the Time Sheet.



Authorizations for the Time Sheet are assigned using roles. In a role, you can determine

The Human Resources authorization concept

The authorization concept for the Time Sheet is based on the concept used in Human Resources. In HR, you can assign authorizations in very fine degrees to meet your exact requirements.

Profile authorization groups for entering working times

The role assigned to users contains all of the required authorization objects for the Time Sheet. Authorizations for entering and reading data are assigned according to the data entry profile. This enables you to control that

When you maintain your profiles for the Time Sheet, you can organize them into profile authorization groups. Using all of the options available in Human Resources, you can assign the groups authorizations to read or maintain data.

Using dummy infotypes

The HR authorizations required to display and maintain personal data are supplemented by two other types of authorizations for the Time Sheet, for

  1. Displaying and entering data in the time sheet
  2. Displaying and approving data using time sheet reports

Time sheet data is represented in dummy infotypes for this purpose.

Dummy infotype 0316

Infotype 0316 represents the authorization for data entry profiles. The subtypes of this infotype are the profile authorization groups.

Dummy infotype 0328

Infotype 0328 represents the authorization for reporting and approval.

It is very important to note that these infotypes do not actually exist in the system. They are only used to access the HR authorization concept in order to assign authorizations to read, change, or approve time sheet data.

For more information, see the Implementation Guide for the Time Sheet. Choose Time Sheet ® Authorizations.

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