Network Integration Guide (BC-NET)
   Basics of SAP Communication
      R/3 Architecture
      Communication Connections of the R/3 System
   Planning and Conception
      Planning a Network
      Important Aspects when Planning Your Network
      Network Topology
   Network Integration of R/3 Servers
      Basic Principles of TCP/IP Configuration for R/3 Servers
      Host Names of R/3 Servers
      Name and Address Resolution for R/3 Servers
      Configuring R/3 Servers with Multiple Network Cards
   Network Integration of SAP Frontends
      SAP Frontend Communication
      SAP Online Documentation
      Installing/Upgrading the SAP Frontend Software
   SAP Internet Integration
      Internet Technology Overview
      ITS Technology
      ITS Network Connections
      ITS Scaling and Availability
      ITS Security
      Web Client Connections
      ITS System Landscape
   SAP Communication in a Wide Area Network
   Network Security
      Controlling Access
      Encrypting SAP Network Connections
   Network Load
      Frontend Network Load
      Network Load with Windows Terminal Server
      Network Load in the SAP Server Network
      Network Load from Printing
      ITS Network Load
      Network Load from CPI-C Data Transmission
      Network Load from RFC Data Transmission
   Appendix: Examples of R/3 Network Configurations