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Define Quantity Structure Control

is used in cost estimates with quantity structure to specify for each plant how the system searches for valid alternative BOMs and alternative routings to create a quantity structure for multilevel BOMs. The search is carried out on the basis of two parameters:

This key determines how the system should choose the suitable alternative for the different company areas in which the BOM is used.
This key determines the priority given to routings during routing selection.

Quantity structure determination also specifies whether the required quantity for BOM components with dimensional units of measure is rounded up to the next whole number if the calculation of scrap-adjusted quantities results in a fraction.

Quantity structure determination is also linked to the order type for each plant.

To be able to use the quantity structure determination in costing, you must assign it to the costing variant.


If you don't want to use the standard settings, you must carry out the following activities:

In order to define a new quantity structure determination, you must carry out the following activity:
Define Order Type Determination

SAP Standard Settings

Quantity structure determination ++++ is a fixed system setting. It is used to check the entries for quantity structure in the costing view of the material master record for the material to be costed. When specifying a BOM application and selection ID for routing, limit the selection of BOMs and routings to the parameters entered here. If you use quantity structure determination ++++ , there are no limitations.


To create a new quantity structure determination ID:

1. Choose New entries.
2. Enter an alphanummerical key for the quantity structure determination ID.
3. Define the validity of the quantity structure determination:
4. Check the following assignments before you link a BOM application to the quantity structure determination ID:
5. Enter the appropriate application of the BOM
6. Check the following entries before you link a selection ID to the quantity structure determination ID:
7. Enter the appropriate selection ID for routing.
8. Save the quantity structure determination ID.