Internal Orders
   Activate Order Management in Controlling Area
   Order Master Data
      Define Order Types
      Maintain Number Ranges for Orders
      Status Management
         Define Status Profiles
         Define Authorization Keys for Status Management
         Define Transaction Groups for Order Status Management
         Define Status Management in Order Types
      Screen Layout
         Select Fields
         Define Order Layouts
         Define Model Orders
         Change Individual Master Data Fields
      Selection and Collective Processing
         Define Selection Variants
         Define Selection Rules
         Define Status Selection Profiles
         Maintain Substitution Rules for Collective Processing
         Define Processing Groups
         Create Search Help for Orders
         Maintain Free Characteristics (Classification)
      Prepare for Order Printing
      Develop Enhancements for Order Master Data
      Transfer Old Data and External Data
      Request for a Change to Cost Center Master Data
         Define Own Scenarios for Request to Change Master Data
      Basic Settings
         Define Exchange Rate Types
         Maintain Exchange Rates
         Assign Planning Transactions to Number Ranges
         Maintain Versions
         Integrated Planning in Order Types as Default
      Maintain Statistical Key Figures
      Group Maintenance
         Maintain Cost Element Groups
         Maintain Order Groups
         Maintain Statistical Key Figure Groups
      Manual Planning
         User-Defined Planning Layouts
            Create Planning Layouts for Cost Element Planning
            Create Planning Layouts for Statistical Key Figure Planning
         Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles
         Maintain User-Defined Distribution Keys
         Define Costing Variants
         Assign Number Ranges for Unit Costing
         Maintain Planner Profile for Overall Planning
         Maintain Number Ranges for Overall Planning
      Reference Object Internal Order
      Resource Planning
         Define Price Tables
         Define Access Sequences
         Define Condition Types
         Define Costing Sheets
         Define Valuation Variants
         Assign Costing Sheets To Valuation Variants
         Assign Valuation Variants to the Version
         Maintain Resource Prices
      Define Periodic Repostings
      Define Plan Overhead Rates
         Maintain Environments and Function Trees
         Maintain Template
         Assign Template
      Maintain Settlement
      Data Collection
   Budgeting and Availability Control
      Maintain Budget Profile
      Maintain Number Ranges for Budgeting
      Define Tolerance Limits for Availability Control
      Specify Exempt Cost Elements from Availability Control
      Set up Availability Control Again
      Maintain Budget Manager
      Intranet Request to Change Budget
   Commitments and Funds Commitments
      Activate Commitments Management
      Maintain Document Types for Funds Commitment
      Define Number Ranges for Funds Commitment
   Actual Postings
      Assign Actual Business Transactions to Number Ranges
      Maintain Automatic Account Assignment
      Define Default Cost Elements for Down Payments
      Maintain Statistical Key Figures
      Define Own Screen Variants for Postings in Controlling
      Define Periodic Repostings
      Overhead Rates
         Maintain Overhead Cost Elements
         Maintain Costing Sheets
         Costing Sheet: Components
            Define Calculation Bases
            Define Percentage Overhead Rates
            Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates
            Define Credits
            Extras: Condition Tables / Dependencies
               Maintain Condition Tables
               Maintain Dependencies
            Develop Enhancements for Overhead Rates
         Maintain Overhead Key
         Maintain Costing Sheet and Overhead Key in Sample Orders
         Maintain Selection Variants for Overhead Rates
      Template Allocation
         Maintain Environments and Function Trees
         Maintain Template
         Assign Template
      Interest Calculation
         Value Categories
         Define Interest Indicator
         Define Terms for Interest Indicator
            Specify General Conditions
            Define Interest Rates
         Interest Profile
            Create Interest Profile
            Enter Detail Settings for Interest Profile
            Define Interest Relevance for Value Categories
         Maintain Interest Profile in Model Orders
         Update Control
            Define Posting Specifications for Financial Accounting
            Maintain Cost Elements for Interest Calculation
         Define Period Control for Compound Interest
         Check Number Ranges for Interest Calculation
         Develop Enhancements for Interest Calculation
         Maintain Settlement Cost Elements
         Maintain Allocation Structures
         Maintain Source Structure
         Maintain PA Transfer Structure
         Maintain Settlement Profile
         Define Selection Variants for Settlement
         Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents
         Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules
            Display Strategies for Automatic Generation of Settlment Rules
            Strategy Sequences for Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules
            Assign Strategy Sequence To Order Type
            User-Defined Strategies for Automatic Generation of Settlement R
      Data Collection
   Information System
      Group Maintenance
         Maintain Cost Element Groups
         Maintain Order Groups
         Process Statistical Key Figure Groups
      Standard Reports
         Import Reports
         Specify Report Languages
         Generate Reports
         Enhancements for Line Item Reports
      Define Selection Variants for Order Reports
      User-Defined Reports
         Specify Report Languages
         Maintain Libraries
         Import Templates
         Define Report Writer Reports
         Generate Reports
      User Settings
         Specify User Settings
         Specify Settings for Extract Management
         Maintain Summarization Hierarchies
         Define Exception Rules
         Maintain Summarization Reports
         Order Summarization and Classification Characteristics
            Choose and Generate Characteristics
            Maintain Optional Characteristics
            Activate Classification in the Order Type
            Configure Selection Screen (Classification)
            Maintain Summarization Hierarchy
            Define Exception Rules
            Maintain Summarization Reports
            Replace Classification With User-Defined Fields
   Maintain Authorizations