Estimation of Planned Costs 


Several different types of costs can be incurred when executing an order. To obtain an overview of the likely costs before actually performing the work, you can use the system to calculate automatically and then display the estimated costs for the work planned.


Planned costs are only displayed for an order if you have assigned a control key to the individual operations in the order, which includes them in the costing process. Operations that do not have an appropriate control key assigned to them are not considered when the costs are estimated.

If scheduled material components are not to be included in the cost estimation, you must delete the RelevCosting indicator on the general data screen for the individual components.


The work center specified in the operation is linked to a cost center. The valid activity type is also entered in this link. The valid price and cost element are contained in the activity type.

Generally, the system determines the costs, which arise for the order operation, based on the following formula:

Cost of work performed = Working hours x Price in the activity type

The costs are then displayed in the cost overview in the order at cost element level.

Work Center

Mechanics 1


3 hours

Cost Center


Activity type

Maintenance of machines

Cost element

452000 (maintenance costs for machines)


$ 100

Assigned costs in cost overview

Maintenance of machines: $ 300

The following applies for services:

The system performs a cost element determination for each service that you enter for an operation. If you enter different services, for which the system determines different cost elements, then the costs for these services are listed separately in the cost overview.

For more information about services, see MM - Service.


The planned costs for an order can be estimated in the following ways:

After you have made all the entries in the order header and in the order operations, the system automatically determines the costs for the planned work from the order data whilst the order is being saved.

After you have made all the entries in the order header and in the order operations, choose Order ® Functions ® Determine costs on the header data screen for the order. The system determines the costs for the work planned from the order data.

The following applies to both types of cost estimation:

If the system is unable to determine the costs, you can display the reason in a log. To do this, choose Goto ® Logs ® Cost determination.

For more information about how you can display the results of the planned costs estimate, see Displaying Costs.