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Changes to SAP EH&S Release 2.2B, Patch Level 1 and 3

Scope of Functions

This release note describes the changes for SAP EH&S Release 2.2B that have been made up to and including Patch Level 3.

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Change to SAP EH&S Release 2.2B

You should create a variant for SAP EH&S Release 2.2B for report

program RC14KCMP for the master data matchup. This variant executes the functions Set deletion indicator and Delete physically. Schedule the variant at night as these functions could require a long time. You will find more information in the IMG activity Set Up Job for Deleting Data.

Changes in Patch Level 1


Changes have been made to Dok-X report export in Patch Level 1 for EH&S Release 2.2B:

    1. Manual export from the report information system
    2. Physical Export Path Customizing
    3. File Name for the Dok-X Report Export Files
    4. For more information about the following further changes, in the application help based on a standard release 4.5B or higher, choose Product Safety -> Interfaces -> Import and Export: Process -> Report Export: Process:
      a) The structure of the key file has changed.
      b) When saving the export orders, the most up-to-date Dok-X report export order for a report is retained in the system. Older Dok-X report export orders for the same report are deleted providing they have status 'historical'.
      c) During automatic re-export, the system checks for every report that is newly generated whether there is a Dok-X report export order with the previous version of this report. As of Patch Level 1, the system also checks whether the new report generated has already been exported manually from the report information system.

Changes in Patch Level 3

The following functional changes were made to EH&S Release 2.2B in Patch Level 3:

    1. Extended Searches for Report Shipping Orders
    2. Customer Exits for Report Shipping
    1. Enhancing the Definition of the WWI Destination
    2. Automatic Generation of Worklists

Installation Information

Report Program for Deleting Old Value Files

Value files that were stored in report generation as long texts up to Patch Level 3 cannot be used for future enhancements. You must therefore delete these long texts using report program RC1XVALF that you access via transaction SE38. Before you start the report program, you must ensure that neither the report generation and the report shipping processes nor the processes of automatic work list generation are running.

Effects on Customizing

Make the necessary settings in the following IMG activities:

Patch Level 1

Patch Level 3


The following IMG activities have been newly created for Patch Level 3:

Changes in Procedure

The Check WL creation function under Environment in the report tree has been withdrawn as of Patch Level 3. You both start report programs RC1AVGE1 and RC1AVGE2 and check the log using the standard report functions.