Time Evaluation 


The Time Evaluation component valuates employees’ working times and absence times. Time evaluation calculates planned times and overtime, administrates time accounts and forms wage types, updates time quotas, and is used to check working time specifications.

Implementation Considerations

You should implement the Time Evaluation component if you use time recording systems to record employees’ attendance times (actual times).

If you use other methods of time recording, the component is optional. Time data entered online can also be evaluated on a daily basis in the Integration with Time Management component in Payroll. The only functions available there are for determining wage types.

See also: Integration with Time Management


Possible Integration with Other Time Management Components

Desired Function

Required Component

Transferring data from time recording systems

Personnel Time Events


Possible Integration with Other Human Resources Components

Desired Function

Required Component

Determining wage types for calculation of the gross wage


Possible Integration with Other SAP Components

Desired Function

Required Component

Tracking work performed in Purchasing

Materials Management


Choice of Several Standard Processing Methods

The standard system provides several time evaluation processes, which have different requirements on the time data to be evaluated and evaluate data using different methods:

Time Evaluation Results

Special Technical Features of Time Evaluation