Users and Roles (BC-CCM-USR)
   Changes for Release 4.6
   Creating and Maintaining User Master Records
      Maintaining Logon Data
      Assign Roles
      Assigning Profiles
      Assign User Groups
      User Maintenance Functions
      Mass Changes
      Logon and Password Security in the SAP System
      Setting Password Controls
      Limiting Logon Attempts and Setting up Clients
      Logging Off Inactive Users
      Maintaining User Defaults and Options
      Comparing User Master Records
      The Effect of Changes on User Master Records
   Create and Maintain Internet Users
   Assign Standard Roles
   Role Maintenance
      Change and Assign Roles
      Create Roles
         Editing Predefined Authorizations
            SAP Authorization Concept Modules
               Authorization Check Scenario
            Symbols and Status Text in Authorization Maintenance
            Copying Authorizations From Templates
         Generating Authorization Profiles
            Regenerate the Authorization Profile Following Changes
            Mass Generation of Profiles
         Assign Users
      Create Composite Roles
      Derive Roles
      Compare Roles
      Transport/Distribute Roles
         Upload/Download Roles
      Role Maintenance: Example
      Role Maintenance: Tips and Tricks
   Using the Infosystem
   Reducing the Scope of Authorization Checks
      Preparatory Steps
      Globally Deactivating Authorization Checks
      Reducing Authorization Checks in Transactions
      Editing Templates for General Authorizations
      Comparing Check Indicators/Field Values After Upgrade
   Transporting Authorization Components
   Analyzing Authorization Checks
      Analyzing Authorizations using the System Trace
   Authorization Checks in Your Own Developments
      Creating Authorization Fields
      Assigning an Authorization Object to an Object Class
   Creating/Maintaining Authorizations/Profiles Manually
      Line-oriented Authorizations
      Administration Tasks
      Maintaining Authorization Profiles
         Simple and Composite Profiles
         Defining Profiles and Authorizations
         Alternative Authorizations
         Choosing Authorization Objects
         Maintaining Composite Profiles
         Activate profiles
         Naming Convention for Predefined Profiles
      Maintaining Authorizations
         Creating and Maintaining Authorizations
         Entering Values
         Activating Authorizations
         Naming Convention for SAP Authorizations
   Central User Administration
      Setting Up Central User Administration
         Setting-up CUA for Systems with different Releases
      Setup field distribution parameters
      Migration of Existing Users into the Central System
      Central User Distribution
      Distribution Logs
   Global User Manager
      Preparatory Steps
      Global User Manager authorizations
      Global User Manager Functions
   First Installation Procedure
      Organizing User and Authorization Maintenance
         Managing users and roles
         Distributed Administration
         Setting up Administrators
      Protecting Special Users
         Securing User SAP* Against Misuse
         Protecting User DDIC Against Unauthorized Access
      Security in System Groups
   Upgrade Procedure