Creating an Infotype 

If you want to create the main program for an infotype, proceed as follows:

  1. Start transaction PM01, Create Infotype (transaction PM01).
  2. You access the Create Infotype screen.

  3. In the Infotype no. field, enter the four-digit number of the infotype you want to create.
  4. When you specify the infotype number, please remember to enter any leading zeros.

  5. In the Subobjects group box, flag PS structure.
  6. Choose Create.
  7. The Dictionary: Initial screen appears:

    If you require further information on the structure and task of individual objects, please refer to the section Definition of an Infotype Within the Data Dictionary.

    If you require information on how to use the Data Dictionary, please refer to BC - ABAP Dictionary.

  8. Create the structure PSnnnn.
  9. Choose Activate.
  10. Return to the Create infotype screen.
  11. Choose Create All.

This creates the structure Pnnnn and the database tables for your infotype.

If you have flagged Employee Infotype for your infotype, table PAnnnn is created.

If you have flagged Applicant Infotype for your infotype, table PBnnnn is created.

If you want to use your infotype within Personnel Administration and Recruitment, both tables are created.

The following sub-objects are also created for your infotype:

MPnnnn00 Module pool for infotype nnnn

MPnnnn10 Include for module pool MPnnnn00

MPnnnn20 Include for module pool MPnnnn00

MPnnnn30 Include for module pool MPnnnn00

MPnnnn40 Include for module pool MPnnnn00

See also:

Module Pool for an Infotype

MPnnnn00 1000 Initial screen for infotype nnnn

MPnnnn00 2000 Single screen for infotype nnnn

MPnnnn00 3000 List screen for infotype nnnn

See also:

Screens for an Infotype

The system creates an interface that contains all of the interface statuses required. A list of interface statuses is included in the section Interface Status for an Infotype.

  1. Create additional structures or tables if required.

Result: You have created an infotype.

Make the required settings to table T582A in Customizing for Personnel Administration.

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Maintaining Infotype Characteristics


Creating infotypes with name range enhancement:

Note the following information when creating infotypes and proceed as follows:

  1. If you are creating an infotype with a name range enhancement (/Company 1/9000, for example), make sure that your entries are overwritten by those of another imported infotype with name range enhancement (Partner 1/9000, for example), if the infotype number of the imported infotype is the same as your infotype. For this reason, make sure before you import infotypes with name range enhancements that there are no conflicts between the infotype numbers available and those that are to be imported.Start the Personnel Administration infotype copier (PM01)Enter the infotype number.
  2. Choose Utilities ® Name range.
  3. Enter the name range reserved for your company in the Name range field.
  4. To create further infotypes, follow the procedure described in step 3 above.