Workflow for Travel Management 


Both workflow processes demonstrate an approval and settlement process for Travel Management that is typical for Human Resources. The approval process outlined here is indicative of other workflow processes in Human Resources (see, for example, Leave Approval).

Approving a Travel Request

An employee enters a travel request in the SAP R/3 system. It is automatically forwarded through the SAP R/3 system to a preset superior, who then checks the request.

The superior checks the travel request and then approves, rejects, or returns the request to the employee for corrections. The scenario for the process in this exercise is based on the assumption that superior approves the employee's request.

After the superior has approved the request, the employee receives an automatically generated mail with the approval message.

Approving a Business Trip

After the business trip, the employee enters the trip facts in the R/3 system. The Expenses department then checks whether the employee's trip facts must be corrected or whether they are consistent. If the trip facts are consistent with the original request, they are forwarded to the superior to be checked for approval. The superior can then reject the reimbursement, send the trip facts back to the employee to be corrected, or, as in this scenario, approve the reimbursement of expenses. The results of trip costs accounting are transferred to payroll directly for payment during the payroll run.

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Process Flow

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  1. Entering a Travel Request
  2. Approving a Travel Request
  3. Displaying the Approval Notification for the Employee
  4. Entering Trip Facts
  5. Checking Trip Facts
  6. Approving a Trip
  7. Settling a Trip