IDES Logistics 

A variety of products are manufactured and sold using the different organizational units within the Logistics area. IDES provides all the resources required for production and assigns them to the corresponding products through bills of materials (BOMs) and routings. Each product or product group represents a particular production type. IDES contains fully-integrated business processes for the production or sale of the following products or product groups:


Process Type




Make-to-order production


Sales-order-based repetitive manufacturing


Make-to-order production

Personal computer

Repetitive manufacturing

Lighting products

Mass production

Paints / solvents

Process industry, Chemicals


Process industry, Pharmaceuticals

Food / cosmetics


You can use IDES to create your own prototypes for business processes. As soon as you are familiar with the SAP System business processes, you can adapt IDES to meet your own individual requirements. The IDES enterprise structure helps you create business scenarios that reflect your own working environment.

You can then implement core business processes for your own company and analyze the various solutions. And IDES offers the additional advantage that you do not need to start from scratch each time. You can use existing IDES processes as a basis, then simply add organizational units and master data step by step until you have created your new, personalized business process.