Managing Special Stocks (MM-IM)
   Company’s Own Special Stocks
   Externally-Owned Special Stocks
   Special Procurement Types
      Pricing for Consignment Stocks
      Procurement of Consignment Material
      Stock Movements for Consignment Material
         Posting Goods Receipts for Consignment Material
         Displaying Consignment Stock
         Goods Issue from Consignment Stock
         Transferring Consignment Stocks
         Transferring Consignment Material to Another Stock
         Transferring Consignment Material Into Own Stock
      Settling consignment liabilities
      Physical Inventory of Consignment Material
      Subcontracting in Purchasing
         Creating a Subcontract Order
         Entering Delivery Schedules
         Monitoring Stocks of Material Provided to Vendor
      Subcontracting in Inventory Management
         Provision of Components
            Providing Components With No Order Reference
            Providing Components for Existing Purchase Orders
            Providing Materials From Another Vendor
         Entering Goods Receipt for the Subcontract Order
         Posting Subsequent Adjustment
         Posting Mat. Prov. to Vendor to Other Stock Type
         By-Products in Subcontracting
         Subcontracting for Sales Order Stock and Project Stock
      Subcontracting in Invoice Verification
   Stock Transfer Using Stock Transport Order
      Stock Transfer Between Plants in One Step
      Stock Transfer Between Plants in Two Steps
      Stock Transport Order Without Delivery
      Stock Transport Order with Delivery via Shipping
      Stock Transport Order with Delivery and Billing Document/Invoice
      Stock Transfer in Purchasing
      Goods Issue for a Stock Transport Order
         Posting a Goods Issue in Inventory Management
         Posting a Goods Issue in Shipping
      Displaying Stock in Transit
      Posting a Goods Receipt for a Stock Transport Order
      Cross-Company Stock Transfer
         Making the Vendor - Plant Assignment
         Process for Stock Transport Orders That Include SD
         Valuation of Stock Transfers
   Third-Party Processing
      Third-Party Processing in Sales
      Third-Party Processing in Purchasing
      Third-Party Processing in Inventory Management
      Third-Party Processing in Invoice Verification
   Returnable Transport Packaging
      Posting Other Goods Receipts to Returnable Transpo
      Posting Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) Quant
      Transfer Posting Between Storage Locations
      Displaying Returnable Transport Packaging Stock
   Pipeline Handling
      Creating a Pipeline Material
      Creating a Pipeline Info Record
      Maintaining the Source List
      Posting Goods Issue from the Pipeline
      Settling Pipeline Liabilities
   Sales Order Stock
   Project Stock
   Inventory Management and Physical Inventory (MM-IM)