Generic Withholding Tax Reporting 


You can use generic withholding tax reporting irrespective of whether you use classic or extended withholding tax in your organization.


If you wish to use the program for generic withholding tax reporting, make the relevant Customizing settings in the Implementation Guide for Financial Accounting.


You can use generic withholding tax reporting for internal reporting purposes in any country.

You can also use generic withholding tax reporting to create your official withholding tax return. This is also possible in all countries, but you may have to make country-specific adjustments in some cases.

SAP already provides country-specific settings in the form of BADIs and similar techniques for the following countries:

You use program RFIDYYWT to create the reports and returns.

For more information on generic withholding tax reporting, see the program documentation for withholding tax reporting (RFIDYYWT).


  1. Make the required Customizing settings.
  2. Check whether the program meets your country-specific requirements, and make adjustments if necessary.
  3. Carry out generic withholding tax reporting.