Creating and Editing Conversion Runs 

The customer carries out this step.


The withholding tax data can be converted in several conversion runs. In each conversion run, you can select one or more company codes for which you want to convert the withholding tax data. The system automatically adds company codes that are in the same country and in which cross-company code clearing is possible.

You cannot carry out any new conversion steps if conversion steps that have been started in other conversion runs have not yet been completed.

The conversion of a previous run is considered complete when the conversion steps Customizing conversion, Master data conversion, and Document conversion have been carried out without any errors, and extended withholding tax has been activated for the relevant company codes.

In any one conversion run, data can only be converted from company codes that are all in the same country. It is not possible to convert company codes from different countries in the same conversion run.


Creating a Conversion Run

  1. Choose .
  2. Enter a description of your conversion run of no more than 40 characters, and choose .

The system automatically assigns a number for your conversion run. The conversion runs are numbered consecutively.

The Withholding Tax Data Conversion: Conversion Run Control screen appears.

You carry out all the other steps for the withholding tax changeover from this screen.

  1. Now carry out the individual steps for the withholding tax data conversion.

For more information, see Preparing the Data Conversion.

Displaying and Editing a Conversion Run

You can display conversion runs that have already been created at any point ( ). Provided a conversion run has not yet been completed, you can also change ( ) or delete ( ) it .

You can only delete a conversion run if the Customizing conversion step has not yet been started (this does not apply to test runs).

To actually carry out a conversion step, deselect the Test run field and choose .